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Jacinto (Hyacinth flower)

Jacobo (Supplanter)  

Jago (Supplanter)

Jaime (Supplanter)  

Jairo (Jehovah enlightens)

Jasper (Master of treasure)

Javier (Bright, Splendid)

Javiero (Born in January)

Jax (Hyacinth flower)

Jeraldo (Rules by the spear)

Jerardo (Rules by the spear)

Jeremias (Jehovah exalts.)  

Jerico (City of the moon)

Jerold (Rules by the spear)

Jeronimo (Sacred)  

Jerrald (Rules by the spear)

Jerrold (Rules by the spear)

Jesus (Named for Jesus)  

Joaquin (Jehovah has established)

Jonas (Dove)  

Jorge (Farmer)  

Jose (May God give increase)  

Joselito (May God give increase)

Josias (Jehovah has healed)

Josue (God is salvation)  

Jovian (Roman mythological God Jupiter, Father of the sky.)

Juan (Gracious, Merciful, God is gracious)  

Juanito (Gracious gift from God)  

Julian (Youth)  

Juliano (Jove's child)

Julio (Youth)

Justino (Justice)


Katia (Pure, Innocent)

Kelvin (Bald)

Kemen (Strong)


Lalla (Well - spoken)

Laurence (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Lazaro (Help of God)  

Leandro (Lion)

Leo (Holy oil used in church)  

Leon (Lion)  

Leonardo (Brave as a Lion)  

Leonel (Young lion)

Leonides (Lion)

Leopoldo (Brave one)

Lia (Pretty rose)

Lisandro (Liberator, Emancipation)

Lonzo (Noble estate, Eager)

Lorenzo (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)  

Louis (From the place of laurel trees, Honor, Victory)

Lucero (Bringer of light)

Luciano (Light, Illumination)

Lucila (Light, Illumination)

Lucio (Bringer of light)  

Luis (Famous warrior)  


Macario (Happy)

Macerio (Medieval weapon used by knights)

Mani (God is with us)

Mannie (God is with us)

Manny (God is with us)

Mano (God is with us)

Manolito (God is with us)

Manolo (God is with us)

Manuel (God is with us)

Manuelo (God is with us)

Marco (Warring)  

Marcos (Of Mars, The god of war)  

Mariano (Bitter)

Mario (Warring)

Marquez (A title name ranking below duke and above earl)

Martin (Warring)  

Martinez (Warring)

Martino (Warring)

Mateo (God's gift)  

Matias (Gift of God)

Matro (God's gift)

Maureo (Dark skinned, A Moor)

Maurice (Dark skinned warrior)

Mauricio (Moorish)  

Mauro (Moorish)

Miguel (Like God)  

Moises (Saved from the water)  

Montae (Steep mountain)

Montay (Mountain)

Monte (Mountain)

Montel (Mountain)

Montes (Mountain)

Montez (Mountain)

Montrel (Mountain)

Montrell (Mountain)

Montrelle (Mountain)


Naldo (Strong)

Natal (Born at Christmas)

Natalio (Born at Christmas)

Natanael (Gift from God)

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Nataniel (Gift from God)

Navarro (Plains, A medieval Spanish kingdom)

Nemesio (Named for Nemesis goddess of vengeance)

Neron (Strong)

Nesto (Serious)

Nestor (Wise)

Neto (Serious)

Nevada (Snow-clad, A western USA state)

Nicanor (Victorious army)

Nicolas (People's victory)  

Niguel (Champion)

Noe (Comfort)  

Norberto (Heroic)

Normando (From the north)

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Octavio (Eighth child)

Oleos (Holy oil used in church)

Oliverio (Affectionate)

Oliverios (Affectionate)

Orlan (Famous soldier)

Orland (Famous soldier)

Orlando (Famous land)

Orlin (Famous soldier)

Orlondo (Famous soldier)

Oro (Gold)


Pablo (Little one)  

Pacho (Free)

Paco (Free)

Pacorro (Free)

Palban (Blond)

Palben (Blond)

Pancho (Free, A free man)

Pascual (Passover)

Pasqual (Passover)

Patricio (Noble one)  

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Patrido (Noble one)

Paz (Peace)

Pedro (Rock)  

Pepe (God wiIl multiply)

Pepillo (God wiIl multiply)

Pirro (Red haired)

Placido (Tranquil)

Platon (Broad shouldered)

Ponce (Born fifth)

Porfirio (Purple)

Porfiro (Purple)

Primeiro (Born first)

Prospero (Wealthy)

Pueblo (From the city)


Quin (Jehovah has established)

Quique (Ruler of an estate)


Rafael (God has healed)

Rafe (God has healed)

Rai (Wise protector)

Raimundo (Wise protector)

Ramirez (Judicious)

Ramiro (Great judge)

Ramon (Wise protector)

Ramone (Wise protector)

Raul (Wolf counsel)  

Raulo (Wise)

Rayman (Worthy protector)

Raymon (Worthy protector)

Renaldo (Counselor-ruler)

Renato (To rise again)

Reno (Place name)

Rey (King)  

Reyes (Kings)

Reynaldo (Counselor-ruler)

Reynardo (Strong counselor)

Ricardo (Strong ruler)  

Richie (Powerful ruler)

Rico (Powerful ruler)

Rio (River)

Ritchie (Powerful ruler)

Ro (Famous soldier)

Roano (Reddish brown skin)

Roberto (Bright, Famous)  

Rodas (Rose)

Roderigo (Famous ruler)

Rodolfo (Famous wolf)

Rodrigo (Famous ruler)  

Rogelio (Famous soldier)

Roldan (Famous soldier)

Roman (From Rome)

Romano (From Rome)

Romeo (From Rome)

Ronaldo (Powerful, Rules with counsel)  

Roque (Rock)

Rosario (Rosary. Refers to devotional prayers honoring Mary.)

Ruben (Behold - a son)

Rufio (Red haired)

Rufo (Red haired)


Sabino (A Sabine)

Sal (Saviour)

Salbatore (Saviour)

Salomon (Peaceful)  

Salvador (Saviour)

Salvadore (Saviour)

Salvatore (Saviour)

Salvino (Saviour)

Sancho (Saint)

Santi (Supplanter)

Santiago (Supplanter)

Santos (Saint)

Saturnin (Gift of Saturn)

Saul (Asked of God)

Sauveur (Saviour)

Sebastiano (Revered one)

Segundo (Born second)

Sein (Innocent)

Senon (Given life by Zeus)

Serafin (Seraph)

Severo (Strict, Restrained)

Silverio (Mythological Greek god of trees)

Silvino (Mythological Greek god of trees)

Stefano (Laurel crown, The crown of victory)

Stephan (Crown, Wreath)

Stephen (Crown, Wreath)


Tabor (Plays a small drum)

Tadeo (Praise)

Tajo (Day)

Taurino (Bull-like, Born under the sign of Taurus)

Tauro (Bull-like, Born under the sign of Taurus)

Tavio (Eighth child)

Teo (God)

Teodor (Gift of God)

Teodoro (Gift from God)  

Terciero (Born third)

Teyo (God)

Timo (One who honors God)

Timoteo (One who honors God)  

Tito (Giant)

Tobias (Goodness of God)

Tohias (God is great)

Toli (Farmer)

Tomas (Twin)  

Tonio (Priceless, Flourishing, Flower)

Toro (Bull-like, Born under the sign of Taurus)

Tulio (Lively)  

Turi (Bear)


Ulises (Full of wrath)

Urbano (From the city)


Valentin (Strong)  

Veto (Intelligent)

Vicente (Conqueror)  

Victor (Victor)  

Victoriano (Conqueror)

Victorino (Conqueror)

Victorio (Conqueror)

Victoro (Victor)

Vidal (Life)

Videl (Life)

Vincente (Victor)

Virgilio (Flourishing)

Vito (Vital)


Xabat (Saviour)

Xalbador (Saviour)

Xalvador (Saviour)

Xavier (Bright, Splendid)

Xever (Owns a new house)

Ximen (Obedient)


Yago (Supplanter)


Zacarias (Remembered by God)  

Zenon (Living)